Player Competencies

Player Competencies

One of the most commonly asked questions by tennis parents is:

"Why is my child not using their tennis racket for the whole lesson?"

Tennis is a sport involving many different skills. These skills need to be developed in a variety of situations.

Our junior programs begin at the Blue Stage (Age 4-6) where players begin to develop the fundamental skills of the game. As players progress through each stage, the skills will become more technical and we use a variety of different methods to train them, both with and without a tennis racket.

At the end of each term our junior players will receive a "Player Competencies Report" (pictured right). This will show their current level and give an indication on the progress of their tennis journey.

The program is structured to build a comprehensive player with all the necessary skills that can be applied to the game. We work from a ground-up approach, teaching the fundamentals first, before working on the more technical aspects of the game.

Many of the skills learned within our program can also be applied to a variety of other sports.

Below is a full breakdown of the Player Competencies for each stage. Click the link for your child's stage to view the required competencies.