Junior Tennis

Blue Stage

Age 4-6

Duration: 45 minutes

This program is for our youngest tennis players to begin their tennis journey.

During these sessions we will focus on the key fundamental skills involved in tennis with a big focus on movement, balance and coordination. Modified equipment will be used in order to aid the development of the skills more efficiently.

Before moving on to the next stage, players will be able to:

  • Move & change direction
  • Maintain their balance while moving
  • Send & receive incoming objects

Red stage

Age 5-8

Duration: 45 minutes

During this stage, our tennis players will continue to develop their fundamental tennis skills and apply them to tennis situations.

Players will continue to use modified equipment including; a smaller tennis court, smaller tennis rackets (19-23”) and low pressure red tennis balls. These tools will encourage the effective development of young tennis players to boost their confidence.

Before moving on to the next stage, players will be able to:

  • Move effectively around the tennis court
  • Direct their shots to a desired area of the court
  • Have a basic understanding of simple tactics in tennis, e.g. move the other player

Orange Stage

Age 8-9

Duration: 60 minutes

As our tennis players grow, so does the equipment they use.

Players will now be using the “Big Net” on a modified court adjusted to suit the size of the players. Racket sizes in use during this stage generally range from 23-25”, dependent on the individual player.

Players will now begin to further develop their technical and tactical skills on a larger court using the orange stage modified tennis balls.

Before moving on to the next stage, players will be able to:

  • Cover all areas of the court effectively using their movement skills learned in previous stages
  • Be able to vary the depth & width of their shots to hit to a desired area of the court
  • Apply tactics learned in a point play situation

Green Stage

Age 10-12

Duration: 60 minutes

Players will now be introduced to the full-sized tennis court using a modified green stage tennis ball.

During this stage, players will continue to improve their tactical awareness and develop their own strategies during points. Now able to use the full court, players will continue to develop their technical skills in order to utilize the space on the other side of the net.

Before moving on to the next stage, players will be able to:

  • Maintain a strong position on the court during a rally
  • Solve problems by applying a variety of tactics to their game
  • Vary the spin, speed and direction of their shots during a rally

yellow Stage

Age 12+

Duration: 60 minutes

Our players are now ready to use the full pressure yellow tennis balls that you see the professionals using.

During this stage players will take part in a variety of drills and exercises that encourage them to think their way through a match and develop their own game styles.