Adult Tennis

Adult Coaching

Duration: 60 minutes

We have 2 different classes available for any adults interested in developing their game - Beginners & Competitors.

Adult Beginners:
If you are new to tennis, this is the class for you. During these sessions, we will cover the basic skills to get you out on the court and playing the game. Once you have mastered these skills you can take them out onto the court and practice with your friends and family.

Adult Improvers:
This class is for those of you that have some experience on the court and would like to develop your skills and knowledge further. We will apply tactics and techniques to a variety of situations that you can apply when you are on the court beating your friends and family.

Cardio Tennis

Duration: 60 minutes

If you fancy a workout then cardio tennis is the place to be. This is great for players of any ability as the main aim of this class is to work up a sweat. You will take part in a range of exercises designed to get the heart pumping and the sweat dripping.